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Sample LinkedIn Cover

Having a Winning Business Portrait for LinkedIn

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile photo. What message are you hoping to send to your audience? These audience members aren’t just your friends and family, these are potential clients, collaborators, vendors, etc. Pretty important people who will have to interact with you or interact with someone else on YOUR behalf. I don’t know about you, but in this virtual world where we’re most […]

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The Soca in Japan Festival Experience

Early June, I got a request to cover an event in September for an annual Soca Festival. At the time, I had no idea what a Soca festival was and wanted to learn more about it. I spent hours with my client, who is from Trinidad, learning about the Caribbean event and how similar it was the annual Brazilian winter event, Carnival. I won’t lie. […]

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Personal Branding Sessions with TOPTIA

Building a brand can be a daunting task for many current entrepreneurs, startups or bloggers. The idea of answering difficut questions such as “what is my brand,” “what is my product,” “who is my audience” can take a toll on someone who is looking to start from fresh or simply re-brand themselves or their business all together. Cue in the personal branding photographer! Many of […]

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Join us for our 2nd Ladies Weekend Photo Retreat April 6th and 7th!

[simpay id=”1107″] Japan is one of the most photogenic countries in the world, from its world heritage cuisine to their landmarks, professional and casual photographers have showcased some amazing works of art. Have you ever looked at your smartphone camera and DSLR camera and wondered, how can I take better photos? TopTia Photography is once again partnering with Transformations with Jayne Nakata for our second […]

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