Warm Love


Male studio headshots on black background.

Ethical Hacking

Hackathon Tokyo Japan Conference Event

3 Breads³

Natural Beauty

Natural Light Tokyo Japan Model Agency

Group Hug

Pakistani Curry and Rice fit for the Neighbors

7-5-3 Tokyo Session

Shichigosan 7-5-3 shichi-go-san

Natural Light

Headshot Japan Tokyo Photo Shoot

The Pink Gentleman

Woman of Wonder

Telling Travel Stories

Flaky Chocolates

Locks for Love



Japan Headhsot Photo Shoot

Creamy Crispy Blue


Mko Sang

Interview in Yokohama

Mike Marrington @ COLORS, Roppongi

Tokyo Lawyer

New Japanese female attorney individual outdoor portraits

Bean Steps

Over and Under with You

couples japan photo shoot


Headshot Portrait Photography

Black Women In Japan Conference 2018

Yuzu Koshou

Our Family of Four

Family Session Tokyo

Tokyo Female Executive

Low key portrait of inspiring female corporate executive

Breakfast 1


Mother and Son

Shichi-go-san Shichigosan 753


Speaking for Breast Cancer Awareness

Charity Gala Formal Event

A Man with Fine Tastes


Black Male studio headshots on black background.

Shichi Go Girls

shichi go san 753 family shoot

Beautiful 7

Shichi go San 753


Beach Love

Hayama Beach Pre wedding Couples Japan

Indian Bride

Event, Portrait Photography

Caught with Candy

TopTia – Professional English-Speaking Event & Portrait Photographer in Tokyo

Clients Whose Branding Power I’ve Enhanced With Great Photos

Mom In Balance
Temple University
Designed by Henna
Top of the Class
Vintage Kimonos
Dale Carnegie Training
Few Japan
English Adventure

Official Photographer for

Certified Professional Photographer