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Corporate Headshot Session by Toyko Photographer

Dressing for a Corporate Headshot Photo

Halfway through every consultation I have with a business or corporate client for a headshot photo session, I hear the classic question, “What should I wear?” It’s not a dumb question nor an offputting one but namely an invitation to me to style my client or that the client is open to doing something outside of their comfort zone or day-to-day routine. It’s also an […]

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Admiring the Full Bloom

What to Wear for your Cherry Blossom Session

Cherry Blossom petals are almost in the air and it is the first time in four years Tokyo is permitting open use of parks and gardens for hanami celebrations. I’m sure a lot of you are planning a hanami picnic, a sakura photo session or BOTH! For many of us, we are in awe of the soft pink colors with the gorgeous blue skies. It […]

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Getting into Japan’s Modeling Industry

Coming to Japan with the intent of becoming a model is a tempting journey. Especially for those who have done some previous modeling in their home countries. Being a bit of an outsider in terms of looks is absolutely an advantage. But what do you do?  Here are 5 tips for those interested in modeling in Japan 1. Do Your Research As with anything new, […]

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black mother with son family portrait

Black Breastfeeding Awareness Week

Today we bring Black Breastfeeding Awareness week to a close. Thank you so much to Ritarsha Farqan and her amazing collection of black mothers who bonded over their stories of some hardships and benefits they experienced breastfeeding (and currently breastfeeding) their children. While in Japan photography has taken me on many journeys these few years. Some journeys are fun and full of laughter others can […]

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Sample LinkedIn Cover

Having a Winning Business Portrait for LinkedIn

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile photo. What message are you hoping to send to your audience? These audience members aren’t just your friends and family, these are potential clients, collaborators, vendors, etc. Pretty important people who will have to interact with you or interact with someone else on YOUR behalf. I don’t know about you, but in this virtual world where we’re most […]

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