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Picture-Perfect Style: What to Wear for Your Autumn Family Photo Session

Heeeeeeey there fam! Fall is here and NO that does not mean buckets of pumpkin-spice lattes. It’s the perfect time for a family photo session. The vibrant leaves, decorative sweaters, and warm sun create a picture-perfect backdrop for capturing those special moments with your loved ones. But what to wear? Fret not! We’ve gotcha covered with some fabulous fall fashion tips that will help you look your best and make your holiday photos truly memorable. […]

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Help! I’m worried my child will ruin the photo session!

It’s almost autumn portrait session season! To be honest, autumn photo sessions are one of my favorite types of family & couples portrait sessions! The season is pretty lengthy compared to shorter spring and summer flower seasons and the temperature is just right! I get quite a few inquires from parents hoping to have a session with their family for their holiday and new year nengajo cards. We’ll all sit together talking about where we’d […]

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For Dancers: Guide to Building a Portfolio

Whether you’re a ballet, hip hop contemporary dancer, or any dancer looking to showcase your artistic athleticism, getting yourself out there to dance ensembles or tropes is imperative in growing your career. This post is here to help dancers create a list of the different types of images needed to get ahead. Naturally, having videos and copies of playbills of past and present choreographies will help directors make their selection but also having still images […]

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Speaking at Founder’s Peak: The Cover of Your Story

Last month I had such an amazing journey compiling the most common struggles I see my clients and potential clients have when putting themselves out there to their public and company-facing audiences. There were so many people I recognized from past events and even some former clients I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. The best part of the day was knowing my good friend, Mari was there cheering me on. She was a key […]

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Actor's Portfolio Headshot by Tokyo Photographer

Becoming an Actor in Japan

While yes having a visual representation of yourself will absolutely take you far in becoming an actor in Japan, there’re also a few unique situations you’ll most definitely find yourself in on your quest to becoming an actor in Japan. This is especially true if you’re coming from another country or perhaps are prioritizing speaking English more so than Japanese. Here we’ll talk about how your actor’s headshots can play into becoming an actor here […]

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