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Cherry Blossoms Carry More Memories Than You Think

Pink Season, or Cherry Blossom Season, is my favorite season! Granted I don’t have any pink-colored notebooks, bags or clothing but I really like stepping outside to enjoy the soft blue sky juxtaposed with the equally soft pink cherry blossom trees. EVERYWHERE! Of course there will be many party-goers enjoying there store-bought or hand made bentos with friends and family but the real joy for […]

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Covering My Invincible Compass Symposium @ Loft9

Seeing Tomoya and Matt happy and healthy after so many months of being on lockdown was a breath of fresh air. Matt Miller and KEEN’s journey with raising awareness of the mirco affects the March 11th earthquake disaster had on Tohoku children since I first photographed for Mirai no Mori 3 years ago. As with many people, Matt, the director and filmmaker of his documentary […]

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