Four Ways to Safeguard Your Image Files & Not Loose Your Investments

I’ve always had this random thought after I deliver images to clients: How do clients save their image files? While it really isn’t my place to ask or wonder, I’ve begun thinking about it recently after receiving some very worried emails from clients asking if there were any copies of their images I could re-send. TOPTIA Photography has been in business for almost 8 years now. That’s 8 years of sessions with hundreds and sometimes […]

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A Theory: Why Some Clients Don’t Like Their Photos

Earlier this month I was photographing someone who was not only a client but also a good friend who is so fun to hang out with. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why they kept saying they absolutely hated their photos. We brainstormed what kind of emotions and feelings we wanted to evoke in their images and we narrowed everything down to two points one that showcased their work with young people and […]

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A young couple, both wearing sky blue shirts and navy blue pants, smiling at each other - Tokyo Portrait Photographer

Capturing the Essence of Spring: Ideal Locations for Cherry Blossom Portraits in Tokyo

Spring in Tokyo is a season of life reborn shown by the arrival of delicate cherry blossoms, or “sakura,” blanketing the city in various shades of pink and white. It’s also the perfect time to embrace this refreshing feeling of rebirth and capture some stunning cherry blossom portraits! If you’re in Tokyo during this magical time, we’ve got you covered with the ideal locations to frame your perfect sakura portraits. Take a look at our […]

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A long shot of two men on the cliff top near the beach posing in camera, Tokyo Portrait Photographer, Photographer in Tokyo

Cape Town Retreat 2024

It was amazing to be in the presence of some phenomenal photographers in the industry Felix Kuniz, Pratik Naik, and Bella Kotak. They were the three hosts welcoming us to this wonderful adventure that is Cape Town in the summer months. It was my first time going to Africa and I’m so glad I got to kick off my first adventure on the continent here in Cape Town. It’s such a wonderful city very similar […]

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Headshot of a young woman in a grey shirt smiling at the camera - Tokyo Portrait Photographer, Headshot photos

4 Tips for Overcoming Your Hatred of Being Photographed

I do a lot of consultations with potential clients and one thing is for sure: A LOT of people HATE the idea of being photographed. A lot of folks are uncomfortable when they see a camera pointed in their direction, and the thought of being photographed creates anxiety. This is especially true for Japanese natives who may value their privacy protectively. As I’m sure many of us have noticed, with technology growing the demand for […]

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