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About Tia

Have you ever said this to a photographer?

”I’m not good at taking pictures.”
”I want to lose weight first.”
”I’m not young anymore.”

Award-winning Tokyo portrait photographer, Tia Haygood connects with each of her clients to learn how to best serve their needs. Making clients who shy away from being photographed feel empowered and ready to take on the task of seeing themselves in a new light. Her mission is to coach her clients of different ages, body types, and ethnicities in posing, expression, and styling to create images of themselves they have never seen before.

The TOPTIA Photography team is here to serve and empower you. Helping you build your self-value is why we do what we do.

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Zoom Consultation

This Zoom call allows us to get to know each other. How do you want to be photographed? Do you know how you wish to be photographed? Ask us anything!


Once we book our session date, we will begin planning and preparing for our photo session. Items such as clothing, hair & makeup, posing, and expressions.

Our Photo Shoot

We’ll meet up for our session! Whether that is on location or in our studio, our team will guide you through the posing and expressions so you’ll look your best!

Ordering Appointment

We’ll come back together via Zoom to view your amazing images! You can take them home as early as the day of!


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Mailman just came by and they look fantastic!

The book is the perfect heirloom, and the individual prints really pop! Can't wait to get them framed!

Thank you again for making our happy memories tangible in such a timeless fashion.

Spencer T.

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Tia provided a remarkable and memorable experience for me and my family. She was patience, flexible, and accommodating. Her astounding skills captured moments with incredible precision, making the entire experience truly amazing. She helped us organize our kimono rentals and translated for us any language barriers. Her service from start to finish was carefully thought out and personalized. I never felt rush during the initial consultation, photoshoot, or during the review of my photos.

MJ275 Vibes

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Pictures look excellent and I’m hearing great reviews from the other guests. Thanks again for your help!

Phil C.

Adorable young kids on the foot bridge in a park posing in the daylight - Tokyo Portrait Photographer, Photographer in Tokyo

…our gorgeous photos arrived! They look amazing!

Thank you so much – they’re now both on display at our house, and T is waffling about giving his mother hers… or keeping it for us!

Stephanie N.

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