Capturing your loved ones during a special moment or time of year is one of the most treasured decisions you can make. Whether it’s Shichi-go-san (7-5-3), Seijin no hi, an engagement, or simply enjoying the cherry blossoms, those moments can only happen once. Being able to enjoy those moments countless times for many years is what I love to do with each of my clients.

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TopTia Family and Couples Sessions+

Our photo sessions often have a Western look to them. We love to capture candid moments between families and couples to show a more authentic dynamic. Whether it’s walking down the street hand in hand or laughing at something funny, we want to capture everyone naturally.


We’re happy to be flexible for you and your family’s needs. We can have our session at one of our three studios in Nakano, Aoyama, or Musashi-Kosugi. For family and couples sessions, outdoor locations are popular choices! We love traveling with you to a shrine, a park, or even your backyard! Our goal is to be flexible for you. If you still are not sure what you would like to do, we can source a location for you.

Family Session Occasions

We’re happy to hear about your son’s graduation or your daughter’s Seijin no hi celebration or even your excitement for your new baby. Celebrating these moments is what we’d love to do in a photo session. Especially maternity sessions! Nothing special coming up, not a problem, we have done many A Day In The Life Of and Lifestyle sessions with families large and small. Feel free to book a consultation with me to learn more.

Couples Sessions

We enjoy photographing couples’ engagement sessions, pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions. There is no transportation fee for any location within the Kanto area. For destination locations, we can talk more about pricing options during our consultation.


All Family and Couples sessions are 20,000 yen. All images (Retouched, high-resolution digital photos or luxury Italian matted prints) are 30,000 yen per image. Image collections start at 150,000 yen and wall art pieces start from 85,500 yen and go up from there

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