YouTube 2016 Japan Summer Gathering!

Hiko Saemon and Victor Boggio were at it again for this year’s YouTube Summer Party at the all too hospitable Sports Bar Cafe. Over 100 YouTube vloggers and fans partied in Roppongi, Saturday night on September 3rd. Being my second YouTube annual event, it was great to see some familiar faces from the YouTube Hanami Party, months before. Below are a few of the photos taken by TopTia. Leave a comment and let me know […]

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Documenting Social Justice: Equality and Peace 平和と平等

On August 6, 2016, TopTia was humbled to follow a group of peaceful protesters in downtown Tokyo. Social media played a big role in reaching local and international audiences as  the hashtags, #‎0806blmshibuya‬ and #blacklivesmatter were marched around the Shibuya ward last Saturday. Henry Moreland Seals of Tokyo Black Professionals and Amber Richardson of the African American Youth Travel Program, both organized the march and lead 50+ protesters from start to finish in the 37 degree heat. The Message […]

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This is Where I Want TopTia to Be!

Before I started TopTia, a lot of my subjects were musicians – artists throughout the Tokyo area molding their craft and their talents into unique and captivating sounds. The musicians whom I’ve been lucky to witness and listen to are some of the most hard-working individuals and self-sacrificing people I’ve ever worked with. In 2013, I had the pleasure of following one artist from the beginning of his own journey. Michael Bodin, one of the […]

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African in Yoyogi

Yoyogi Park Summer Festivals–African Festival

Growing up in a diverse city, I loved festivals and if there is one thing Japan doesn’t have a shortage of, it’s festivals–especially international ones. Vibrant, lively, and enlightening cultural festivals are held almost every summer weekend. Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park is no exception. In fact it is the epicenter of such events. Thai, Carribean, Indian, Pacific Islander, and other exotic cultures showcase their most popular cuisine, arts and the like. What a great place to film an […]

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TopTia and 2.5 Oyajis

It was a fun and enjoyable Saturday night talking with two well known YouTube bloggers, Gimmeaflakeman and Hikosaemon on their very popular YouTube show 2.5 Oyajis.  We spent the evening getting to know my story and how TopTia came to be while having a few good laughs. Check out the video via the link below and leave a comment on their video!

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