One of the most fascinating challenges I find about blogging is blogging.  Go figure!

A good friend and client of mine recommended a neat answer to my blogging woes: Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom plan blog challenge

Day #1 of Natalie’s challenge encourages us to identify two of the challenges that hold us back from blogging. I recited my top two culprits immediately upon request–those who know me best could probably name them just as fast.

Culprit#1 Too many distractions leading too little time.

I love cute kittens! If I see a cute kitten video or even a delicious pasta video from Tastemade, the buck has stopped. Thankfully for a minute and a half. However, once the moment of entertainment has been said and done, an addition three minutes are required to get back on track. God forbid it if there were 10 cats and cooking videos involved.

Culprit #2 Being perfect–like everyone else. 

If there is one thing I really should reign in is comparing my work, my blog, my portfolio, etc to everyone else’s. It’s common knowledge that no one should compare themselves to others nor judge them self harshly. Despite this rule being a widely known one, I am the first person to hold off on posting a blog post because I noticed someone else’s blog post was better. Nike said it best, right? Just do it!

As a photographer, I hope to find unique ways to create supporting written content along side my photographic work.

So frequent TopTia  readers, if you will indulge me a bit as I dedicate these next 10 posts to this challenge and hopefully use my 10 day tools to create better written content.



**This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

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