Day #3: Creating a Vision for the Future. What does your perfect day look like?

Growing up my mother always told me to think big. Somehow, my time at university turned “think big” into “think reasonably.”

Demoting my ability to be ambitious, often times made my days merely acceptable, not perfect. With Natalie Sisson’s Day 3 challenge, I’ll focus my energy to getting back to think big and living free.

So, what does a perfect TopTia day look like?

First things, First

The day is going to start out with me waking up on my own, bar the alarm clock. Using the natural light from a windows is a kinder way of waking up.

With a clear mind and a rested body, I’d march out the door for my morning walk to my usual Japanese shrine. There I take a look at my amazing neighborhood, center myself,  and list all that I am most grateful for.


Next, my favorite meal of the day. On a perfect day, there is no such thing as a rushed breakfast! A nice hearty breakfast I can enjoy (perhaps while doing a tiny bit of work) is the kind of breakfast I hope to enjoy during each of my “perfect TopTia days.” Every once and a while, I can enjoy such a morning in present time.

A Photographer’s Life

On a perfect day, planned and impromptu photo shoots are a must! I’m in Tokyo! There’s no shortage of interesting, beautiful, or intriguing subjects to photograph. Any way I can take photos such as the ones you see below is a great day indeed.

african-fest-yoyogi-park-2016-11 with-mutz-1turkish-kitchen-akasaka-3thank-you-andy-1-of-1

Using extensive photography and Japanese skills to communicate with clients and produce amazing photos will only make this day even better. Perhaps in this future perfect day, I’ll have an assistant on hand.


Towards the end of the day, I’ll use an hour or two to finish off my work before I confirm all the necessary tasks and items for the next day.

A Good Night

Last, I get home, catching up with friends and family back home before bed.

My perfect day isn’t expansive but enjoyable–the day was already perfect at breakfast. I’d like to make a note, it’s a bit strange simply talking about myself these past few posts. As someone who often puts my needs behind others, the extra attention towards myself is new but necessary. Does anyone else feel the same with this challenge?

See you in the next post!


blog-challenge-badge-12**This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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