Day 2 Challenge: Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?

What Does Freedom Mean?

I won’t lie, I looked at this question with curiosity and thought, well what do I consider the freedom lifestyle?

I’m an adult, so that makes me free from my parents (and free to eat as many cookies as I please). I’m an entrepreneur, making me free of an 9 to 5 profession. Also, I live in Japan, free from many of the social and economical issues that plague my home state.

That sounds pretty free to me. Based on that, I am already living the freedom lifestyle, right?

I am sure Natalie Sisson was hoping for a bit of self questioning. Her question really forced me to think hard on this. If by definition I am living the freedom lifestyle, why does it feel as if I am not quite there yet?

I Forgot One!

What would have to happen for me to feel as if I am living the freedom lifestyle? Going back to Day 1’s challenge, I forgot one limiting challenge of mine: I worry excessively. No matter what the topic or task, I constantly worry. “Is it good enough?” “Did I do this correctly?” “Will this or that happen?” It’s definitely not the best mindset to have for writing a blog, let alone living a freedom lifestyle.

Back to the question: “Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?” My answer: For peace of mind. If my mind is at peace, free of worry or uncertainty, then I feel like I can be that good friend, a diligent team member, or a dedicated photographer. That’s not to say that I am not either of those things already. With TopTia in it’s infant stages, there have been so many moments where myself and the business has an absolute flow. That is the best feeling in the world and those moments have become more frequent each month.

TopTia’s Freedom Lifestyle

Living the freedom lifestyle is being able to have the time and mind to think creatively and build ideas to better help my customers and those whom I cross paths with. Having a clear and focused mind to tackle the task at hand and seeing that finished task be appreciated each and every time is why I want to live this kind of lifestyle.


blog-challenge-badge-12**This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2



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