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Cherry Blossoms Carry More Memories Than You Think

Pink Season, or Cherry Blossom Season, is my favorite season! Granted I don’t have any pink-colored notebooks, bags or clothing but I really like stepping outside to enjoy the soft blue sky juxtaposed with the equally soft pink cherry blossom trees. EVERYWHERE! Of course there will be many party-goers enjoying there store-bought or hand made bentos with friends and family but the real joy for photographers -and retirees with top of the line cameras- is […]

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Natural Light Tokyo Japan Model Agency

Capturing Jaime

A New Year and New Studio Surprisingly, January is not a very popular time to photograph headshots nor portraits (no pandemic withstanding). It’s cold and while the Tokyo illuminations images are absolutely spectacular, they often aren’t practical to use all year round. This time of year, I would be covering events such as Japanese Shinenkais or New Year Parties for companies wanting a great start to the new year ahead. Feeling a bit restless, I […]

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Credit: paseidon by pixiebay

When Coronavirus Cancellations Hits Graduation Ceremonies

Many years ago (I won’t say how many), I walked to my graduation ceremony donned in a cap and gown for a second time. This time, I was getting my double major diploma in Political Science and Asian Studies – Japanese. My family and friends were in the same room together congratulating me for completing my long 4-year journey. In 2020, there have been cancelled events, social gatherings and even school amid this COVID-19 outbreak. […]

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