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Cherry Blossoms Carry More Memories Than You Think

Pink Season, or Cherry Blossom Season, is my favorite season! Granted I don’t have any pink-colored notebooks, bags or clothing but I really like stepping outside to enjoy the soft blue sky juxtaposed with the equally soft pink cherry blossom trees. EVERYWHERE! Of course there will be many party-goers enjoying there store-bought or hand made bentos with friends and family but the real joy for photographers -and retirees with top of the line cameras- is […]

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Book a Cherry Blossom Season Family Portrait Session with TopTia!

Cherry Blossom session is coming! TopTia Photography is now taking reservations for a one to two hour family photo sessions under the cherry blossoms! Here are the types of photo session offered by TopTia Photography: One-Hour Photo Session (15 photos) :15,000 (plus tax) Two-hour Photo Session  (25 photos): 25,000 (plus tax) Our photo session ideally will be held in public parks and areas throughout the Tokyo and Yokohama area. Other locations can be negotiated. Delivery of […]

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