Growing up in a diverse city, I loved festivals and if there is one thing Japan doesn’t have a shortage of, it’s festivals–especially international ones. Vibrant, lively, and enlightening cultural festivals are held almost every summer weekend. Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park is no exception. In fact it is the epicenter of such events. Thai, Carribean, Indian, Pacific Islander, and other exotic cultures showcase their most popular cuisine, arts and the like. What a great place to film an experience.

I decided to kickoff TopTia’s first independent video with a challenge: a scavenger hunt. I like having a continuous idea or concept in your mind and scouring an area to find before your eyes. I remain ever determined to find or even recreate the idea. With my love for festivals and my own African heritage, Yoyogi Park’s African Festival looked to be a great place to document my hunt from task to photo. A to B.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think of the festival and the amazing oddities of the video!

African in Yoyogi

This video also showcases my approaches to photography in a lighthearted way as well as point out a few techniques and settings that allow me photograph images on bright sunny days. Perhaps it may even help you when you’re out and about with your own DSLR or SLR camera.

Enjoy the outtakes! There were plenty of them.

I took so many photos of the festival. The ones not shown will be posted on TopTia’s Instagram page.

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