Before I started TopTia, a lot of my subjects were musicians – artists throughout the Tokyo area molding their craft and their talents into unique and captivating sounds. The musicians whom I’ve been lucky to witness and listen to are some of the most hard-working individuals and self-sacrificing people I’ve ever worked with. In 2013, I had the pleasure of following one artist from the beginning of his own journey.

Michael Bodin, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, can croon into a microphone and just take you away. In 2014, he got the chance to meet his amazing co-swooner, Steve Sato, and eventually they formed the band, Last Call. The two have traveled around the Tokyo area and continue to take it by storm.

Helping my clients progress farther in their own journeys is where I want TopTia to be. It’s so rewarding to know my small part has helped Michael move forward as an artist. Check him out on his Michael Bodin Fan Page.

Photo to the left and stylish business card photo on the right by TopTia.

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