I love capturing images that tell my client’s story of their event creating images of client’s guests enjoying the atmosphere their host has provided for them. Often times I’ve seen posts of some amazing events ranging from birthday parties to formal gala events and the images used were smartphone images taken by the host or their team. I always wonder if the person taking the photos was able to live in the moment provided by them and their team. While taking the images yourself might seem cost-effective, there are other cost-building reasons to hire a professional Tokyo event photographer. Take a look at a few reasons you might want to reconsider a professional photographer.

Creating Lasting Memories

Emotions are one of the key moments of a memorable event. Showing memorable interactions from a meishi kokan, business card exchange, a firm handshake, or a heartfelt laugh. Capturing these moments with professional photography ensures that you can relive and share these special moments for years to come-and perhaps encouraging more potential guests for your next event!

Telling a Story

What is the narrative of your event? Are you trying to show a fun and outrageous event? A traditional family gathering or something formal and fashionable? How would you like to convey your event? Knowing this ahead of time will allow me to prioritize the look and feel of the story and make sure we don’t miss any key moments. We tell even better stories when we blend in and build rapport with your guests by making them feel comfortable and natural (and also making them laugh).

Expertise and Experience

Looking for those moments to tell your story is like a scavenger hunt. That means my eyes are constantly anticipating that right moment. Looking for the most interesting situation in the room or keeping an eye out for a special guest so that we have the photos we need to let people know someone special was present! Finding the right moment isn’t the only thing I am focused on. I’m also thinking about lighting conditions, angles, and compositions to create fantastic images!

Quality and Consistency

With a professional event photographer, you can expect high-quality photos that are consistent throughout the event. We use professional-grade equipment and editing techniques to enhance your images so that viewers can have a strong impression of your event, you, and your team.

Less Stress for You

Hiring a professional event photographer allows you to enjoy your event without having to worry about capturing even moments. You can focus on being 100% present in the event. Leave all the photography to us!

At the end of the day, having a pro to take care of the big and small details of capturing your event is a must! It will allow you to allocate your time and attention to other more pressing (or enjoyable) aspects of the event you’re hosting. Let us take care of capturing those emotions and details while you reap the rewards of the event you put together.

Have an event coming soon or a few months from now? Let’s make sure we get you in our books ahead of time and send us an email at info@toptia.com or make an inquiry via our contact page.

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