Day #9: Do I Wish to Be “Location Independent?”

For this challenge, we consider the benefits of being “location independent.” I hadn’t heard this phrase before but, I have been enjoying this sort of independence since I officially launched TopTia. To not be tied to a desk or cubicle–not that that is a bad thing–is rewarding for an open-minded person such as myself. To be able to work here or there or anywhere and take a nice break when I can…freely. Sounds good to me.

One of the best things about living in Tokyo is that there is never a shortage of something to do, people to talk to, or something tasty to munch on. There’s also never a shortage of photos to take around the city.

yokohama-with-friends-shoot-7-30-2016-3 img_0720 tia-haygood-kawasaki-hw-2014-64-of-73 img_0357 odaiba-aug-30-24-70mm-l-lens-114-of-130

As long as my phone, camera, and tablet are attached to my TopTia utility belt, I can be pretty flexible with my location. It’s kind of a must for me. Seriously, kudos to those who can work out of their own homes without being distracted. I, on the other hand, would struggle between cat videos, dancing to my favorite tune or cooking an extravagant lunch. No, being out and about keeps me focused and allows me to feel the feeling of the freedom lifestyle.

The Break Between Jobs: Exploring the Tokyo subjects around me. Essentially, taking to the streets and photographing or connecting with whomever I meet. I want to be more bold with my approach to capturing this massive city.

For example. One day I was coming home from a photo shoot in Omotesando and an interesting looking man boarded the train. He had an elongated face with short brown hair and sported a standard pair of glasses. He look a bit like the popular American comedian, Stephen Colbert. From the neck up, he looked kind of ordinary.  From the neck down, this mid-40s man wore a black Godzilla T-shirt and both arms covered in tattoos. I thought the odd juxtaposition between normal and badass was unforgettable and photo worthy. I felt it was important to take his photo. I had the time and was already free to myself, so I asked him if he would be willing to be a model for a photo shoot. He said, “Sure,” and I was beside myself. My random encounter with the man on the Toyoko train kicked off an adventure.

Now, I’m sure I could be a photographer in just as many countries as Natalie has travelled to (69 countries, by the way). However, because of TopTia’s commitment to businesses and clients based in Japan, I am very much content with being location independent in this massive city.

See you in the final post!


blog-challenge-badge-12  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

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