Day 8: My Adventure

I enjoy hearing stories of other people’s travels. How they travelled to this country and saw this landmark, or went to that place and participated in that activity. As much as I love to hear the stories, I haven’t really found myself interested in following in the speakers’ footsteps.


I love local foods. If I am going to travel to the different prefectures of Japan, or areas in Southeast Asia, or even countries in Europe, I would love to eat the local foods in those areas. And I have just the places in mind.

Italy and France.

Hopping over to Italy to taste their amazing wines, bite into their crispy cotolettas, eat some fresh pasta dishes, and of course cheese! I have no idea how long I would stay there but once I’ve had my fill–literally–the sweet pastry haven of France would be next on my indulging adventure. Sitting outside a French cafe on a nice day eating mille-fueille, some souffle, or even a pettie four with a nice sparkling beverage. Photographing the amazing dishes I come across at each location I’m sure will delight my TopTia followers–myself included.

Yes, my adventure looks a bit on the Eat, Pray, Love side, however I would certainly welcome a travel buddy to come with me on the journey.

See you in the next post! Only two more to go!

blog-challenge-badge-12  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8 

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