Day 7: Turn that imperfect action into a perfect (or close to it) action in 30 days.

This one was a bit tricky. Pinning down one or two tasks I would consider imperfect actions overwhelmed me. I was overwhelmed with the task of combating overwhelm.

I’ve decided to keep this one a bit lighter than my other posts. My imperfect action is promoting TopTia to Japanese in Japanese.

I won’t out myself by saying how many years I’ve studied Japanese, but I’d like to say I am pretty communicative in the language. The only problem is that I’m not perfect with communicating in the Japanese language. To me I see that as a problem.

One of the major projects TopTia does is assist restaurant businesses in communicating with their clients using food photography. Quiet a few businesses, both Japanese and non-Japanese owned, alienate a group of customers by not having a visual representation of their offered dishes. Some might not even have menus in the languages spoken by their customers. With the Olympics coming up, many visitors will simply opt for the more international friendly places to dine during their time in Tokyo.

In her daily challenge video, Natalie spoke about how being a perfectionist holds one back. This is my problem identified from Day #1. In my pursuit of approaching Japanese businesses, I find I am forcing myself to get the pitch perfect. From the use of polite Japanese to trading of business cards, I occasionally have held myself back from talking to businesses.

My Imperfect Action: Promoting TopTia to Japanese in Japanese.

Ways to Make it Close but not a Perfect Action: At the moment, I actually have key phrases, visuals, tools nice and polished. I think my issues is these resources get a bit dusty and forgotten pretty quickly.

So, for five minutes a day, I will read and keep the content fresh in my mind and at the ready. FIVE MINUTES! Perhaps I can ask my future mentor Ilko Alexandroff. His Japanese is impeccable as well as his photography skills.

5 minutes, right. 5分、ね。

blog-challenge-badge-12 This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

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