Day 5: Setting yourself up for success.

We are at the 50% mark of the 10 Day Challenge and I was excited to listen to the details of the fifth challenge. This challenge is to write down a daily itinerary or technique that will lead us to having more successful days. This one is also another stop and think challenge for me!

Before leaving my previous job, I had a simple routine schedule.  For me, having a routine required little mental effort in figuring out how to go about my day:

1) Go to school.

2) Teach class between second and sixth period.

3) Prepare for the next day.

4) Go home.

Of course my day wasn’t nearly as cut and dry as the list insinuates. The routine was simply the backbone of my day.

So, as an entrepreneur with no structure schedule, how can set myself up for daily success?

Daily Morning Walks–This is a must, just as I mentioned in my Day #3 postit is imperative, I boost my energy levels and spirits at the very beginning of the day. The morning walk to my local shrine and the daily view of my current city is an invaluable source of positive energy for the day.

Brain Foods–Blueberries, tomatoes, eggs, spinach and fish are my favorite healthy foods. Sticking to these foods are a must for keeping me focused on my daily tasks and my energies up and positive. 

Avoid the News Feed–As I’ve mentioned in my Day #1 post, being distracted is a notable annoyance. Facebook and other news sites are frequent distractions. To me, making a solid effort to avoid the New Feeds is a must for staying on task. I don’t wish to cast off Facebook 100% though – it’s a way I can communicate with clients as well as promote TopTia. I will say, the Facebook Messenger App does help in eliminating the News Feed. The app allows me to communicate with my clients distraction free. Meaning, the task of staying off the Facebook News Feed is a task of my own effort. Perhaps I can limit my Facebook time to two 10 minute visits per day.

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Chair–Often times at the beginning of the day and before bed, I sit very comfortably at my desk. With my drink of choice and my feet nestled in the chair with me, I can remain content doing work, talking with friends and family, or on YouTube for a nice bit of time. I assume minimizing “chair” time will add 20 to 30 much-needed minutes to my work day. This is a habit I hope to have.

Pomodoro Technique–I have my timer. There is no excuse why my daily goal of 6 Pomodoro sessions can’t happen.

As you can see, this isn’t really an itinerary of how to go about my successful day. This post is merely a list of habits I should adhere to so that my days–no matter how various the schedule–can be successful.


blog-challenge-badge-12 **This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

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