For the most part, I do the photo work for other entrepreneurs, artists, and models in the Kanto area. My work involves me photographing models in skate parks, photographing delicious Mexican-Vietnamese fusion burritos, and yes, upgrading many LinkedIn profile photos.

I love my job.

It allows me to hear the stories of individuals I wouldn’t have had the chance of meeting back home.  I am grateful for the life photography has given me. One of the best parts of this new life of mine is the ability to take a break from my work –on any day of the week–and photograph subjects artistically.

I had a chance to participate in a photo shoot with the lovely Mutz Ishizawa, a fellow photographer, as well as Candy Akira, an energetic deco make up artist, and five talented models, Rodolphe, Yoshie, Alex, Maye and Catty. All from five very different parts of the world.

Having a team of amazing fellow artists gave me the chance to really venture out and explore the joys of artistic expression.

Take a look at our wonderful photo shoot!

skin-deep-ikebukuro_-16deco-skin-ikebukuro-41 deco-skin-ikebukuro-35 deco-skin-ikebukuro-32 deco-skin-ikebukuro-30 deco-skin-ikebukuro-21 deco-skin-ikebukuro-11 deco-skin-ikebukuro-5 skin-deep-ikebukuro_-10 skin-deep-ikebukuro_-7 skin-deep-ikebukuro_-22 skin-deep-ikebukuro_-14

Once again, I love my job!


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