Virtual first impressions have become more of a necessity these days as grow more globally and digitally. Hiring managers and potential clients are getting a first glimpse into who you are as a person through social media platforms like LinkedIn and are making quick judgments off on profile images seen at the top of your profile. That’s a great opportunity to invest in a headshot photo that represents you at your best.

Collections of headshots from a Tokyo Portrait Photographer

TopTia Photography Headshots

Our photo sessions have more of a western approach. We want to spend time helping and preparing each client for their session. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident. Many clients are looking for headshots that show how professional, approachable and authoritative they are in their current or upcoming roles. Our sessions allow you to give us feedback so you’re absolutely sure we have a solid look before our session is complete.

Actor’s and Model’s Headshot Photos

We offer headshot sessions for artists who wish to have a more dynamic look for their portfolio but are not too unique for their Japan-based agency or future agency. We also do headshots for outbound artists heading to the US.

Embassy + Official Diplomatic Headshot Photos

Tokyo is a central point for state department employees, ambassadors, and other diplomatic personnel. Professionally captured headshots including your country’s insignia, flag or head figures are a must for presenting your country’s representation on the eastern side of the global stage. We understand all rules for official portraits in regards to the respective country’s flag use and positioning in relation to the person in the photo.


We are completely flexible in terms of location. We can have our session at one of our three studios in Nakano, Aoyama, or Musashi-Kosugi. If neither location fits the look you’re aiming for, we can source other locations that fit your needs better. We also have outdoor headshot sessions or sessions at your place of work or home. Our goal is to be flexible for you and the look you are aiming for. If you still are not sure what you would like to do, we can tailor a session for you.

Hair & Makeup

I work with a highly trained and experienced hair and makeup artist and can offer her services to you should you need her for your personal branding session.


We have three packages for headshot sessions.

Package 1 (40,000 yen): Up to 90-minute photo session. Available locations are outdoors, our Kawaguchi studio or your home or office space. Includes one image. Retouched, high-resolution digital photos are 5,900 yen per photo.

Package 2 (60,000 yen): Up to 120-minute photo session. Available locations are Nakano and Aoyama studio spaces or other rented studio spaces. Includes one image. Retouched, high-resolution digital photos are 5,900 yen per photo.

Package 3 (50,000 yen +8,000 yen/ per person): For team headshots, we can come to your office with our equipment and tethered laptop to capture your entire team with a professional and consistent look. One image is included for each team member. Additional retouched, high-resolution digital photos are 5,900 yen per photo.

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