Featured Portrait Session: Behind the scenes

Building a photo session with Regina for our 40 over 40 Experience was a fantastic session! We put together a session tailored to her and even created some wonderful handmade museum-grade Italian image collections afterward.

The Classic Family Portraits

Creating legacy portraits for you and your family to cherish for decades to come on our museum-grade archival prints and handmade albums.

Family Session Tokyo
Family Photo Shoot in Roppongi

I love seeing different families come together and capture a moment in their story. Lifestyles portraits. A Day in the Life of Portrait and even Tailored studio portraits are available options to choose from.

We also offer coordination and translation assistance for traditional Japanese milestones such as Omiyamari for infants, Shichi-go-san for children and furisode for young adults.

Beauty at Any Age

There is no limit to how we see and celebrate ourselves, our bodies, and our stories, You are beautiful.

“I had a wonderful experience with Tia. The whole process, from the consultation to the shoot and aftercare was efficient, kind, and detail-oriented. Her sensitivity and genuine care for the process and result make working with Tia a pleasure. Highly recommend!”

Client Spotlight

Adriana of Aaluna handmade Colombian handbags is a firebrand bringing her Colombian Wayuu culture across Europe, Singapore and Japan for ethical consumers.

Adriana reached out to me to put together a personal branding photo session at her home in Tokyo. She had an idea to bring Wayuu-made Colombian bags to high-end Japanese department stores. Her poise and grace was awe-inspiring. We created images for her website, marketing and public relations purposes. We have worked together for 3 years updating her catalog of new design releases. We can’t wait to see how far Adriana and Aaluna go!

Personal Branding Tokyo Photographer
Personal Branding Session in Tokyo location

About Your Photographer

Tia Haygood is the owner and principal photographer for TOPTIA Photography, a Tokyo & Saitama-based studio.

I know what it’s like to dread being in front of the camera and not knowing how to put your best foot forward. I’ve photographed hundreds of clients who thought the same way and I want to be there for you just as I was for them. Here we hold space for you to find your footing and thrive with me and my team’s help.

We’re in the business of making you look and feel like you can take on anything and pass on your legacy.

Be Fun, Fierce & Free

To schedule a consultation email as at info@toptia.com or view my portrait gallery at www.toptia.com.

Our Pricelist

Booking a Portrait Session is 50,000 yen.

This includes a makeover session photo shoot guided posing & reveal.

My wall portraits start at 85,000 and go up from there. My beautiful print collections start at 200,000 and go up from there. What you buy is entirely up to you. If you don’t like your portraits you don’t have to buy them. My job is to take beautiful portraits of you that you absolutely LOVE and can’t live without!
*Session fee is credited to all collections for more savings.

These beautiful keepsake options include complimentary prints you choice of a Folio Box, Reveal Box or Storybook album that can hold the images of your most cherished portraits from your session alongside having your digital images.

30 Portraits

20 Portraits

10 Portraits

Wall Portraits
Choose a matted portrait or leather canvas size for your wall.

24 x 36″ 340,000
16 x 24″ 200,000
11 x 16″ 120,000
8 x 12″ 85,000

Complimentary Framing
* Customized acrylic front panel with modern black metal frame.

Pre-Payment Black Label Collection

25-matted 11 x 14 Print Collection + 16 x 24″ Wall Enlargement + Session Fee Included
DIGITAL ONLY 40 Images + Session Fee Included

Pre-Payment White Label Collection

12-matted 11 x 14 Print Collection + 16 x 24″ Wall Enlargement + Session Fee Included
DIGITAL ONLY 25 Images + Session Fee Included

Before & After Gallery

We are absolutely looking forward to welcoming you to a wonderful and transformative experience showcasing your best self!

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