I do a lot of consultations with potential clients and one thing is for sure: A LOT of people HATE the idea of being photographed. A lot of folks are uncomfortable when they see a camera pointed in their direction, and the thought of being photographed creates anxiety. This is especially true for Japanese natives who may value their privacy protectively.

As I’m sure many of us have noticed, with technology growing the demand for video and anything visual, avoiding photographs altogether is not always possible nor practical. Whatever the occasion, an event, or a family portrait session, there are times when you might find yourself in front of the lens (maybe even against your will).

If you’re one of those people who don’t like being photographed, here are a few tips to help you feel more at ease and confident when facing the camera.

Relax and Breathe

Do you often feel that anxiety brewing in your body when you see the camera? Do you tense up? Thinking about how you want to just get this shot over with? We know what you’re feeling cause we see it in your image.

Take deep breaths and try to clear your mind of self-doubt. Remind yourself that you are not expected to be Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, nor Patrick Dempsey, and it’s perfectly okay to be yourself. OWN WHO YOU ARE! Take a moment to center yourself before the photo is taken and try to relax your posture and facial expression.

Don’t know what that means? Relax your weight on your back foot, lean a little bit towards the camera and instead of forcing yourself to smile with your mouth, smile with your eyes. It will naturally give your mouth an effortless smile.

Find Your Best Angles When Being Photographed

Everyone has an angle or pose that makes them feel confident. For me, I have curvy hips and love to make an hourglass with my body by popping my front leg on the balls of the foot while having one hand on my waist and the other resting on my thigh. It’s my go-to pose when I see any camera wherever I am.

Experiment with different angles in front of a mirror to identify the ones that suit you best. Some people feel more comfortable with a little tilt of the head, while others prefer a natural, candid look. Knowing your best angles can help you feel more in control during a photoshoot and boost your confidence.

Practice makes perfect and the more you experiment with expressions and body poses, the more confident you’ll be in front of the camera. No more passport-looking photos.

Think About Your Outfit

Wear an outfit that makes you feel not only comfortable but confident. If you’re trying to wear an outfit that makes you worry about how your body fits into it, it will be difficult to fully embrace the moment. Choose clothing that fit well and compliments your body shape and makes you feel good about yourself. I love peplum shirts that sinch my waist but fan out over my hips for a great look! Some people might like other types of shirts that compliment a pear, apple or other body type shapes.

When you feel confident about what you’re wearing, it can translate into a more positive and relaxed appearance in your images.

Focus on the Moment, Not the Camera Even While Being Photographed

One of the most effective ways to overcome your fear of being photographed is to turn your focus from the camera to the moment you’re in. Immerse yourself in the experience. Engage with the people around you, share a real laugh, and try forgetting the camera is there. These can produce some of your most authentic shades of who you are. These are also my favorite kinds of images to capture.

Remember you are unique and beautiful just as you are, and photographs are a way to capture the moments that matter in your life. Embrace your individuality, practice self-acceptance, and focus on enjoying the moment you’re in. With time and practice, you may even find that being photographed becomes a more enjoyable experience.

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