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Picture Perfect: Senior Portrait Sessions for Class of 2025

First, let’s clear something up. When I say senior, I don’t mean our 70+-year-old elders, I’m talking about high school juniors or 3rd-year students, who will later become high school seniors or 4th-year students this upcoming September. Senior portrait sessions have been popular in the US for over a century! Formal portraits of high school seniors in formal tuxedoes and elegant gowns in hopes of making their debut into adulthood. Fast forward to the 21st […]

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Dating Profile Photos: The Photos They’ll Swipe Right on and Ones They’ll Swipe Left on

I don’t know what’s more nerve-wracking, putting yourself out there in front of someone you like in person or putting yourself out there in front of the internet to find someone you may or may not like! However, make a stand you must, if you’re thinking about playing your odds and finding someone you’d like to see yourself with in the long run or short run. Slapping a low-res cropped image of you on your […]

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A collage cover of four event and party portraits by Toptia Photography - Event photographer, Tokyo Event Photography


The TopTia Photography team can cover your event for 10 people for a small get-together or your event for thousands of people at an annual convention. We’ll make sure we have a list of your must-have images and have them presented to you in a private gallery for you and your audience members. Corporate Events + Galas+ Summits, conferences, conventions, and galas are also provided in TopTia Photography’s service list One of the most requested […]

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A collage cover of four couple and family Portraits by Toptia Photography - family photography, lifestyle photography

Family & Couples

Capturing your loved ones during a special moment or time of year is one of the most treasured decisions you can make. Whether it’s Shichi-go-san (7-5-3), Seijin no hi, an engagement, or simply enjoying the cherry blossoms, those moments can only happen once. Being able to enjoy those moments countless times for many years is what I love to do with each of my clients. TopTia Family and Couples Sessions+ Our photo sessions often have […]

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A collage cover of corporate branding portraits by Toptia Photography - Tokyo Portrait Photographer, Photographer in Tokyo

Personal Branding

Starting a new business? I can imagine what you’re going through. Get your website together, your business colors and design, your mission statement, and yes, getting your brand together! Your business’s online presence is essentially the storefront to your potential clients and customers. Having a clean, consistent, and professional-looking brand is important to attracting not only clients but the clients you are specifically reaching out to. TopTia Photography can assist in presenting you and your […]

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