Day #4: What are my superpowers and how can I monetize them?

For Day #4 Natalie has asked us to identify our sweet spot for how we can utilize our unique and personal talents, enjoy those talents and perhaps generate a revenue from said talents.  Now, as a photographer, I would clearly say that I am good at photography, I enjoy photography, and I can earn a living doing photography. I could do that, but this blog post wouldn’t be very long.

I decided to eliminate the obvious and look a bit deeper. A bit more personal. If I were not a photographer, what would my superpowers be? When I finished reading the instructions for the post, I had no idea what my superpowers were. As a young –or kind of young–person finding my place in the world, my whole mindset was, “What kind of superpowers do I want, and what can I do to get them?” I’d never really considered myself already in possession of a superpower.

So I asked those in my inner circle and received some excellent answers, ones I’d never even consider. Here are a few.

Tia’s Superpowers:

  1. Has the ability to connect with people and leave a memorable impression.
  2. Has the ability to commit.
  3. Possesses an infectious spirit and positive energy.

Those three answers really helped me paint a clear picture of myself and how to better use myself. With each answer I could identify moments where I enjoyed connecting with new friends, fought hard to stick to my commitments, and displayed a positive attitude, no matter what kind of day I’d had earlier. I want to amplify these powers.

By being more impressionable, committed, and positive, I feel these attributes will add to my clients’ experience of having their photos taken. Yes a good end product, AKA a good photo, is what is important for the client. But what about how the client feels while striving towards that goal? Many do not consider the pressures clients have during their own photo session. It’s actually a team effort for the photographer and the client or model. However, as the director, using my “powers” relaxes and gives confidence to the client. That could be a great way to differentiate TopTia Photography from other studios.

Well, guess I’d better go and level up my attributes then. Level 50 here I come!

See you all in the next post.

PS: Many thanks to those who responded to my requests.

blog-challenge-badge-12  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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