Did you know that a furisode is a type of traditional Japanese kimono that is known for its long sleeves? Just like the other kinds of kimonos such as a yukata, a tomesode, or a shiromuku, the furisode has a specific purpose for the young ladies who wear them. Here are several points that distinguish a furisode from other kimonos:

Seijin no hi furisode photo shoot Enjoying meiji park

Rite of Passage

Firstly, a young woman such as a daughter or a granddaughter might wear this kimono symbolizing their journey to adulthood. On January 10th of every year, communities will often see groups of young women wearing these kimonos to a local event with their friends to a Seijin no Hi ceremony. These kimonos can also be worn if they are unmarried and are attending formal events or weddings.

Seijin no hi furisode photo shoot Playing at yoyogi park


Furisode kimonos naturally adhere to traditional norms, however, your daughter or loved one can express themself freely through their choice of design, color, and accessories. This is a happy middle between modernized young women and honoring Japanese customs that preserve their heritage. These intricate details often include elements of nature, cultural history, or symbolism.

Seijin no hi furisode photo shoot family portrait at Meiji Shrine

Social Standing

The style and type of furisode worn can highlight your daughter’s social standing, taste and cultural awareness. This isn’t only to say that the more expensive the furisode, the wealthier one looks but to say, that the origins of the furisode can highlight a young woman’s taste and cultural awareness. How traditional is her furisode? How modern or unique is her furisode? Was their furisode a family heirloom? These questions help answer just as many cultural questions as they do financial status questions.

Seijin no hi furisode photo shoot praying at a shrine portrait

Symbol of Prosperity

Also, the long flowy furisode sleeves symbolize good luck and prosperity. This symbolism is connected to the act of the sleeves catching happiness as they blow in the wind.

Do take the time to celebrate with them as they carry their memories of their childhood into adulthood with a proper seijin no hi portrait session.

In closing, we hope to bring each of these amazing opportunities to your children as they transition into the world of adulthood.

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